Thursday, September 16, 2010


 Today I got to thinking about my home country, The Bahamas.  I haven't been back since my grandfather passed.  I really miss it!  So, I decided to post these pics for you to enjoy, and see where I originated. These pictures took me away for the afternoon.

man on the beach with his horses

hello - good bye mr. shark 

Woman in a Junkanoo costume
 conch shells on the beach in Cat Island

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

R. E. S. P. E. C. T. !

"When the (uncompromisingly) righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked man rules, the people groan and sigh." (prov. 29:2 amplified)

You the people decide, if your President is a righteous man in your eyes, and if you decide that he is not, then, pray that he may become righteous. Only, do not despise him or bad mouth him because, he will be all that you say he is and more, whether good or bad. Ever wonder why 'Fidel Castro' (Cuba's former leader) is living so long? Well my take on that is, that, the hate, or anger or whatever you want to call it, of the Cuban people living in US, demonstrate toward Castro, keeps him alive a whole lot longer. Now his brother has taken over and much has not changed in that country. If they were to love and forgive him for all he has done, he and his sib would either do right by the people of that nation, or die!

We need not like the person but, we can surely respect the 'Office of the President'. If we continue to seperate ourselves from that office, any failures he encounters, will reflect on all of us. For we are, one nation under God...we all know this pledge, but do we remember it.

Pray for the President today! He needs it and so does our nation.

Monday, September 13, 2010

In Pursuit of Purpose

The Place of Transformation...

Pit - a big whole in the ground, a small circular scar left by a disease or skin disorder, the very bottom of something, a pitfall, a servicing area for fallen man, an arena for cocks and dogs to fight in, the trading area on the floor of an exchange, the hard seed at the core, pressure ( my definition), HELL...and finally; where God does His best work!

I now realize that pressure (the pit) has to show up if, you are going to fulfill the destiny for your life. Today, I felt as though I was here, feeling the pressure, which can only mean that, I am on MY WAY! Yay hay!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


We all hide behind a mask at some point in our lives. Most often in our younger years, if we grow and evolve from life's hard lessons. Though, some of us do not. Some decide that growth is too hard, too painful, to much work, so they remain the same. Growth is also a stage that you become vulnerable to the people around you. It's really an act of HUMILITY. To grow, you must yield to the lessons that keep showing up for you to cross over into change. All change isn't growth, but all Growth is change.

You are not alone, nor are you the only one with flaws, or inadequacies. Our society and so called friends, can sometimes paint the picture of perfection, but really no one is perfect, no not one (Rom. 3:23). I say this so that you will not be afraid to say , "I don't understand, I can't read, I am having challenges in that area, I haven't been a good speller in the past, I am working on this particular thing right now" or whatever it is. People will have to respect you when you are keeping it real. Honesty has such a disarming effect on others, and on you it's liberating. It's like saying, here I am with no secrets. It's like wearing a t-shirt with all your challenges written all over it, front and back, right, left and center. People would laugh, and walk away saying how much they could respect someone like that, and how they'd wish they could be like you. I know I would!

Who are you? No, really who are you? Can you honestly say who you are deep down inside? Do you know your weak points? They are the circumstances that keep coming up in your life. Usually the same situation, but in different characters. Let me help you, i.e falling for the wrong person, assuming the wrong role in marriage, emotional overeating, lack of finances, debt problems, over spending, chronic illness, worry, strife, bad relationships, drug and alcohol issues, anger, jealousy, low self-esteem etc. Can and will you reveal that to any one person in the world? Living a successful life is living a life of wholeness which means, you essentially have found your spots or weak points, and have made them areas of strength.

First you must have a DESIRE to change then, ACKNOWLEDGEMENT is one of the most vital steps in living a successful life. If you have no clue that something is wrong, then you will not be aware that something needs fixing. Be sure to seek out the right person to help. To do this, you will need to be able to judge good character in others, if not this could be a very detrimental move on your part. Not, everyone will have your best interest (that's another post). Be careful who you decide to let in. SURROUND yourself with positive people that have proved to be a success in the area that you are trying to overcome in.

I have learned how to be Me through knowing that everyone has something that they are dealing with, no one more hideous than the other. We are all the same, at some point or another! I have lived and learned and become aware through persons telling me about me, and experiences revealing the same. Most importantly, God has taught me about me (Ps. 139:13-16), through His Word and through His Spirit.

The information is out there, YOU are the most important person in the equation concerning you. God is there with open arms loving you no matter what your issues are, His Word, His Spirit, books, tapes, and friends that have the wisdom of God on the inside of them. Almost everyone knows someone who seems to have lots of morally correct answers. Yeah, that's the one who has told you a few things that actually turned out just the way they said it would. Help is all around! YOU now have to reach out and grab it.

Do not allow yourself to be stuck in a rut. Start the journey to self discovery today! Begin renewing your mind with it's old ideas and thoughts and, replace them with the only TRUTH concerning you (Prov. 4:20-22). Change your mind, SAVE your life!