Monday, August 29, 2011


I had always seen this magazine but, never felt compelled to purchase until today!  I love their take on fashion  NOW!  I love the styling in this issue and, will probably show some more of it in future posts. Enjoy and be inspired to create a new look for fall!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Skincare Style!!!

Hey guys,

Now that I'm a little bit older, I've decided to take care of my skin.  It's not like I've mistreated it, I just didn't do anything extra, or pay too much attention to the ingredient list on the products that I used.  Well, now I do and, Shea Butter is a product that is catching my eye lately.  It is suppose to be really good for your skin and hair.  So make this cream but add a bit more oils like; sesame seed oil, olive oil, and castor oil and blend until you reach a lotion type consistency. Use these scented oils; chamomile, lavender, or rose essential oils, just 2-4 drops each. These are particularly good for dry skin and they smell great too!

Have Fun...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I 'M BACK!!!

Hello everyone, I am back! I've been gone for a few months and decided it was time to get busy posting again.  I've been exploring my personal style at this stage in my life.  I really liked my style from 18-22, then again at 35-Present.  Isn't that weird.  I guess I was trying to figure it out in between those years, and I have to say that, it was my original look from 18-22 that I kept going back to; Eclectic-Boho (per my fifteen year old).  Then there's the issue of my hair.  I am going NATURAL (yeah!!) and it feels so good.  I was natural for two years, back when I went to cooking school, when no one in Miami cared for the look.  Now, it has become a movement, especially in my neck of the woods. 
With Relaxer...

                                                                       My Natural Hair...

You want to know more about Natural Hair, drop me an email, I'll share what I know.