Veggie Delites

Stuffed Ports on a bed of Plantains

Today, my husband and I had the most awesome breakfast!  I thought I'd try out a recipe I've had my eye on from William Sonoma's 2009 Thanksgiving Holiday booklet, that you pick up in their stores.  It turned out so wonderful, I have decided to include it in my breakfast repertoire.  You should try it!  Just log onto  for the recipe.  Hope you try it, it's worth it!  

Hash Brown Benedict
Please excuse my out of date stamp...

Tip: When making the hollandaise sauce, if you are not eating for a few and have to hold it, do so in your double boiler or your make-shift double boiler, at a medium to low simmer.  I set mine on  a high simmer and the hollandaise separated:((( What a disaster! That all happened of course, after the pretty picture. 

P.S: Oh yeah, I substituted the canadian bacon for turkey sausage, Yum!


Tea, Tea, oh how I love Tea!
This tea is part of my breakfast this morning.  It's my latest find in my pursuit for the perfect cup of tea.  The best tea I've ever had was, 'African Red Bush' from South Africa.  One teabag, can make over 4 cups of tea, before losing its strength.  

I will let you know how I like this selection.