Monday, June 22, 2009


As I prepared father's day dinner for my husband and his father, I began to reflect on my experience with my father. As I cooked, a wonderful meal I might add, I recall how my dad and I had a great time together, almost everyday we did something, until I was around eight years old, then he moved away and married someone other than my mother. This was disappointing to me, but I took it pretty good. I still loved my dad and thought he loved me.
When I became an adult, I began to understand how someone could leave their child behind to pursue their own dreams. How I see it, he loved me, but not as much as he loved himself. Even, now 31 years later, he is the same person, though I love him right where he is. I have also forgiven him a long time ago for leaving me at such a young age, and not supporting my mother over the years I was growing up. I understand that people do what they know, and you really can't fault them for it. If all one knows is 'SELFISHNESS' then that's what one will do. There are only two forces in the world (cd), love and selfishness. You can judge yourself with this everyday, or as often as you need to. Ask yourself if you are acting in one or the other, and this will help you to stay on the love side (I hope).
At this time, my dad will not respond to my phone calls because of something he thought I did wrong. I still reach out to him and leave him messages on his voicemail with my phone number. Love never fails (I Cor. 13:4,8) and it suffers long with others, and is kind. We are also to love our enemies (Matt. 5:44) and, to do good to those that use us (wow). Can we do this? ABSOLUTELY!!! like it never even happened.
Finally, my heavenly Father has sealed up every void that was left by my earthly, or biological, or the man responsible for fertilizing the egg which was given through my mother. The reason I say it this way, is for you to get an understanding that, we are God's property, His creation. We were designed to come back to Him when we become of age. Parents are just the vessel used to get us here, and I mean no disrespect, I do love mine and honor them as best as I know how.
There is a thick line between the male and the father. Males that help bare children, but do not have any part in raising them, by choice are not fathers. Fatherhood means relationship, time spent nurturing, sustaining, supporting, comforting, encouraging and much more. Our Heavenly Father has provided this for us since before the beginning of the foundation of the world. He was here when you got here, and He will be here when you leave (Alpha & Omega). He is everything you will ever need in this life, it is all found in Him. I hope you experience Abba Father for yourself.

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