Thursday, June 18, 2009

HOT or COLD?????

I am truly amazed and saddened when I encounter indifference. Brothers, and sisters, and fathers, and mothers, who will not make a decision to allow God, whom they profess to love, to lead their lives. Yes, it is hard to believe, when you can't see, but all I can recollect is Abraham waiting for 25 years for his promised son. Noah, waited 100 years, while building an ark, in a place where it had never rained. How many of us would wait 1 year, let alone 25 or 100. The lyrics in a song once read "It's not faith if you're using your eyes".

As I write these lines, I am encouraging myself simultaneously. My core aches for all of mankind, and if I'm aching, what about our Creator. What must He feel when He sees His creation in this state. If we could only grasp, and hold onto the love that God has for us, then we would not waver in our belief, and as soon as the enemy's contradiction shows up in our minds, in the mail or in our presence, we would be able to cast him down with the TRUTH. The only TRUTH, that exists concerning you is that you are magnificent. Just the way he made you, and you have the power to overcome any obstacle that opposes you. You can do it all!!!

But PLEASE, please 'DECIDE' whose side you're on. If not, you are considered by God to be doubleminded and lukewarm, and in this state He can not and will not help you. My encouragement today is for you to Ask, Seek, and Knock concerning your soul status, and when He answers, and He will, you will get the answers that you need. I hope you decide to be HOT on His trail, because the world is watching to see if you MEAN WHAT YOU SAY, or if you are WALKING THE WALK.


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  1. Thanks Mrs. Stewart,

    I love this, you are so right, I am HOT, HOT, Hot...Praise The Lord for his children doing there part, speak The Word for it is alive..Be blessed in all you do! Jill