Wednesday, September 30, 2009


What's a good fight? I use to think that all fights were bad. Now I know that all fights are not bad, only the ones that people use negative resources to battle with. Some negatives are bad words that attempt to crush or hurt someone, a physical fight is really bad! It is the lowest form of communication. It basically says, you have no control over your emotions, and that you are soarly afraid. Spite is another way of fighting someone, only this one is sort of done sneakily. It's when you do something or say something about someone behind their backs, knowing that they will eventually find out what was done or said. This is a cowardly act, and should not be the way of fighting a fight. Others resort to manipulation to fight back or to have their way. Most people who use manipulation to get back at others have done it for so long, they don't even realize that they do it.

Am I encouraging a fight? Yes in almost all instances YOU WILL HAVE TO FIGHT! (I Tim. 6:12)

You see there are forces out there that are trying to keep you from your destiny. Whether you believe in these forces or not, does not change the fact that they are working against you. When you take matters into your own hands by using one of the negative resources I mentioned earlier, you lose. God has designed for us to leave everything up to Him. He says he will trouble your trouble. (Deut. 32:35) He said that He would be with us in times of trouble (Ps. 91:15). so, we never have do anything to anyone who has wronged us. Our fight is not a physical one (2 Cor. 10:4), it is one that ought to be fought in the spirit realm, in prayer (Phil. 4:6), in a soft response, in forgiveness, in blessing that person even when they have cursed you (Rom. 12:14). By doing these things, you release God to move in the situation. When you retaliate in your own strength and negative abilities, you tie God's hand's and He can do nothing until you use the tools that He has given you to operate in.

Finally, THE FIGHT in areas of promotions or benefits that you are pursing. A move, a job, a car, a home, scholarships, appliances and things of that nature, ( all these things must be the will of God for your life - it can not be another person's possessions; i.e spouse) do your research, wait, and pray. Don't take no for an answer when someone says, "It can't be done!" unless God says no, you keep going, follow it through to the end, but always in the right attitude, with kindness, pursuing your goals. There are so many instances I have encountered where, had I taken the first person's response, I would have been cheated out of the blessings that were mine. I have literally hung up the phone and called back, only to get a new customer service rep who told me something that I wanted to hear and worked it out in my favor. Sometimes it's a timing issue. When the Holy Spirit says to do something, that is the time to ACT! When you move on His prompting, it will work out everytime. If it LOOKS like it is not working out, then wait a while and listen for His voice to speak, ask Him to tell you what to do, when to act, who to call, and He will lead you and guide you when you ask Him. He wants to be invited into your day. No matter what it looks like, pay no attention to what you SEE. The enemy wants you to think that it's not working and quit. He wants you to abandon the process. If you are impatient he will get you offended, and you will get OFF the process and END your pursuit.

Remember, fighting can be a good thing if you choose to make it positive. This life is a FIGHT whether you want to fight or not. Fighting with the right tools will insure that you get your desired results more often, than if you don't engage in battle. You see, fighting is a way of CHOOSING. If you do not choose, the result will be chosen for you. Why not choose what you want, than to be dealt something you do not want.

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