Friday, October 1, 2010


Did you know that the global 'crisis' affecting the world today was said to have been started by the mortgage industry here in America.  One industry, in one country has the ability to affect the whole entire world's economy, this is amazing to me.  Crisis is defined in the dictionary as; a defining moment or a worst point, something of which you have no control over.

There are three types of Crisis:

1. External Crisis -  no control, i.e. global
2. Self-imposed Crisis -  a violation of law, pressure on your character
3. Natural Crisis - obstacles to test whether you believe what you have previously confessed, allowed or instigated by God.

Some, are calling this global situation a crisis, but know that, whatever you call a thing is what it will be, to YOU.  Let me also remind you that, NO MONEY has left the planet.  There are some that have no idea what people are talking about when they mention the word crisis.  There is also no word for 'crisis' in the Japanese language.  They use the word 'Opportunity' in place of this word.  God allows these times of 'opportunity' to bring us back to the basics like; love, patience, forgiveness, creativity, giving, and what really is important in life; relationship, the vertical then, the horizontal.  Things and money are not more important than people or family.  Without opportunity, no one would change or fix anything, it would all remain the same, no one would learn, seek out answers, grow or overcome anything!

My words to you are "Do not panic!", to everything there is a season and, we all know that seasons change. This could be your season for limited resources, and for another a season of reaping and harvesting.  But, yet in a little while, the tides will turn and it will be your turn to reap and harvest and, to another a dry place.  In the place of limited resources is where creativity shines the most.  Where lack is, creativity should abound.  Take some time to pray and get quiet.  Ask for ideas and ways to create.  Get in peace and not fear, nothing can be accomplished in fear and panic, you will only make poor decisions in desperation.

All I know is, I have learned some valuable lessons over the last year.  The natural things work along with the spiritual.  You should not be demonstrating too much of either.  Instead, combine the two for a good balance and life will prove successful.  Secondly, be faithful over all that has been entrusted to you.  We own nothing.  If we can keep this in the forefront of our minds, then we would handle things a whole lot differently.  All that we have was given to us to use to enjoy and, to bless others.  When misused, it gets taken away, so be faithful with it and use it the way the manufacturer suggests (houses, cars, money, time...).  I've also learned that we should save and pay down debt in times of plenty, so that in times of scarcity there will be more to live on.

Crisis wrote the history books.  Take a closer look and you will see that famous people only become that way because of the things they endured or overcame.  This is your time to write your name in the history books.  What will you be remembered for.  This is your time to shine!  You have what it takes to outlast anything you face, and oh what a story it will be!

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